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Sean O'Connor's Windows Games SKIDROW [2022]




It is a surreal black comedy that revolves around an Indian immigrant in Sweden who finds himself in the middle of a war between vampires, werewolves and an immortal Hindu priest. It is the comedy of the absurd, the grotesque, the surreal, and it is also the “Black Comedy” of European cinema. (Published 2012), Friday Night Live (FNL) (2006), Visions of India (2012), Indian Bride (2012), Mumbai Magic (2015), Indian Maid (2018) This film is about a man who comes from India and runs a bar in Gothenburg. A mysterious vampire comes to the bar to drink his blood. Other strange occurrences occur that lead the vampire to create a plot to make the bar his own. The bar manager in the film, Siddhartha Mitter, is in real life. In the novel The Barman, Mitter explains how he first decided to write the story. "I already knew how I wanted the movie to end. When I heard the first part of the script, I was very moved. But I told the director that this was too long, and he said that he needed it. The filming ended with the truck running over the dog and the water pouring from the garbage can. We were so shocked by the ending that when we sat in the editing room, I felt a very strong smell. There was a small dog in the garbage can. It must have escaped from the crate and run down the street. At first, I felt a bit sad. Then I asked the director what we should do with the dog. We decided to leave it as a kind of a joke. That smell is still very clear to me. In the beginning of the film, the vampire says that he is not even a vampire, but he has the appearance of one. This became the title of the movie. But he is actually a vampire, as he takes blood. He exists in a world of mythological creatures, and he has a few companions. Like a werewolf, a goblin, and a demon. The movie was shot in black and white. The director explained that the style was to give the scene more life, even if the blood on the werewolf was not real. It was a grayish blood, and it was glued to the animal. The vampire in the film is Swedish. The Indian man, Siddhartha




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Sean O'Connor's Windows Games SKIDROW [2022]

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